BC Municipal Election (2022)

  • Assessing The B.C. Municipal Elections

    The October 15 municipal elections saw an unprecedented number/far right candidates fielded in the races for mayor, council and school board positions across the province. A minimum/129 candidates were provably and publicly aligned with antivaxx, conspiracist, antisemitic or other far right ideologies in one form or another. (This is an underestimate/the total/far right candidates, possibly a significant understatement). Read More...

    2022 Municipal Results Sort & Search Table Below

    The following is based on the select candidates we covered in our Pre-Election Coverage

    Phil Anderson 7,079 28 Abbotsford School Board 10/13
    Korky Neufeld 9,887 39.2 Abbotsford School Board Y 2/13
    Mike Rauch 8,943 35.4 Abbotsford School Board Y 5/13
    Earl Story 6,485 25.7 Abbotsford School Board 11/13
    Jared White 8,388 33.2 Abbotsford School Board Y 6/13
    Rocky Dong 8,757 27.2 Burnaby School Board 10/12
    Saron Gebreselassi 418 4 Campbell River Mayor 4/5
    Alaina Kelly 3,242 10.9 Campbell River School Board 8/9
    Angie Delainey Acclaimed Cariboo-Chilcotin School Board 24/30
    Laurie Bowen 1,924 34.8 Central Okanagan Parents Voice School Board 28/30
    Tovey Demman 5,886 17.1 Central Okanagan Parents Voice School Board 9/15
    Teresa Docksteader 7,512 21.8 Central Okanagan Parents Voice School Board 7/15
    Chris Fieber 5,917 17.1 Central Okanagan Parents Voice School Board 8/15
    Erika Shephard 5,003 14.5 Central Okanagan School Board 10/15
    Lee-Ann Tiede 12,258 35.2 Central Okanagan SD School Board Y 3/15
    Elliot Friesen 6,767 39 Chilliwack SD Parents Voice School Board 9/15
    Darrell Furgason 6,451 37.2 Chilliwack SD School Board 10/15
    Kaethe Jones 6,423 37 Chilliwack SD School Board 11/i5
    Heather Maahs 7,075 40.8 Chilliwack SD School Board Y 6/15
    Barry Neufeld 6,006 34.6 Chilliwack SD School Board 12/15
    Richard Procee 7,047 40.6 Chilliwack SD Parents Voice School Board y 7/15
    Dean Clifford 111 11.2 Clearwater Mayor 2/2
    Nicholas Nadja 173 36.9 Columbia-Shuswap R.D. Director 19/30
    Anite Devries 1,168 20 Comox Valley SD School Board 9/14
    Ed Desaulniers 1,329 14.8 Coquitlam Parents Voice School Board 14/14
    Geoffrey Way 4,478 7.2 Coquitlam Parents Voice School Board 12/14
    Daniel Westley 5,310 8.5 Coquitlam Parents Voice School Board 14/14
    Belinda Wheatley 6,401 9.6 Coquitlam Parents Voice School Board 10/14
    Nora Maddocks 474 29.1 Creston Mayor 2/3
    Nuno Antunes 3,975 17.5 Delta Parents Voice School Board 14/15
    Carmen Halpenny 4,772 21.1 Delta Parents Voice School Board 12/15
    Alisa Horth 4,539 20 Delta Parents Voice School Board 13/15
    Daniel Tonn 3,597 15.9 Delta Parents Voice School Board 15/15
    Clayton Welsoon 2,471 16.4 Dist. North Vancouver Council 12/13
    Huck Galbraith 416 53.7 Enderby Mayor Y 1/2
    Dennis Giesbrecht 6,734 29 Kamloops Council 11/23
    Jennifer Rowse 3,513 15.1 Kamloops-Thompson SD School Board 12/14
    Ron Cannan 16,995 49.2 Kelowna Council Y 1/31
    Sacheen Collecutt 3,037 8.8 Kelowna Spirit Alliance Council 24/24
    Chris Williams 4,693 13.6 Kelowna Spirit Alliance Council 20/31
    Lisa Guderyan 940 37.1 Kelowna Zone 2 School Board y 1/3
    Dave Olson 35 11.6 Lasqueti Island Lasqueti Island
    Corisa Bell 2,799 19.3 Maple Ridge Mayor 3/5
    Jacques Blackstone 346 2.4 Maple Ridge Mayor 5/5
    Chelsa Meadus 4,575 31.8 Maple Ridge Maple Ridge First Council 7/21
    Mike Morden 4,321 29.8 Maple Ridge Maple Ridge First Mayor 2/5
    Leah Pillet 2,627 18.1 Maple Ridge Canadian Freedom
    Council 12/21
    Johnnie Day 3,689 25.5 Maple Ridge-Pitt Meadows Parents Voice School Board 10/13
    Brian Dominick 4,015 27.7 Maple Ridge-Pitt Meadows Parents Voice School Board 9/13
    Mark Davies 2,889 42.9 Mission Council Y 4/16
    Jag Gill 4,945 73,5 Mission Council Y 1/16
    Carol Hamilton 2,899 43.1 Mission Council Y 3/16
    Paul Horn 4,419 65.7 Mission Mayor Y 1/3
    Tanner Scott 5,407 6 Nanaimo-Ladysmith School Board 11/12
    Terah Albertson 106 43.8 Nechako Lakes Parents Voice School Board *
    Daniel Albertson 810 46.5 Nechako Lakes Parents Voice School Board Y *
    Dave Forsberg 102 33.4 Nechako Lakes Parents Voice School Board *
    Janina Vanden Bos 37 37.4 Nechako Lakes Parents Voice School Board *
    Carroll Walker 829 47.6 Nechako Lakes Parents Voice School Board Y *
    Charles Borg 1,789 20.9 North Cowichan Council 11/15
    Matthew Ellis 356 25.5 North Cowichan Area C director 2/2
    Joe Enslow 1,009 11.8 North Cowichan United Independents Council 14/15
    John Koury 2,747 32.1 North Cowichan Mayor 2/3
    Adrienne Richards 1,317 15.4 North Cowichan United Independents Council 12/15
    Marina Sapoznikov 2,538 51 North Cowichan School Board 13/18
    Chris Shaw 1,075 12.6 North Cowichan United Independents Council 13/15
    Serena Winterburn 2,814 56.5 North Cowichan School Board 12/18
    Johnny Cheong 1,554 74 Osoyoos Osoyoos First Council Y 3/8
    Wes Greve 1,062 50.5 Osoyoos Osoyoos First Council 7/8
    Zachary Poturica 1,510 71.9 Osoyoos Osoyoos First Council Y 4/8
    Dustin Sikora 972 46.3 Osoyoos Osoyoos First Mayor 2/2
    Thomas Whitton 1,260 45.7 Peace River North Parents Voice School Board Y 7/9
    Wayne Llewellyn 2,452 24.2 Penticton Council
    Ivanka Culjak 954 11.9 Port Coquitlam Council 14/18
    Derek Jeffrey 818 10.1 Port Coquitlam Council 16/18
    Jenny Zhou 1,122 13.8 Port Coquitlam Council 13/18
    Dawn Slykhuis 939 10.4 Port Moody Council 13/14
    Cory Antrim 3,587 22.7 Prince George School Board Y 5/15
    Cathy Fortin 2,893 18.3 Prince George School Board 10/15
    Trudy Klassen 5,515 38 Prince George Council Y 6/20
    Milton Mahoney 2,873 18.2 Prince George School Board 11/15
    Karm Manhas 4,333 28.3 Prince George Council 11/20
    Lisa Mitchell 553 3.6 Prince George Mayor 5/6
    Paul Serup 2,081 13.6 Prince George Council 17/20
    Josh Silva 2,966 18.8 Prince George School Board 9/15
    Dean Billings 7,331 20.9 Richmond School Board 14/15
    Jasmine Piao 4,500 12.8 Richmond Council 22/27
    Alice Wong 13,769 39.2 Richmond School Board Y 3/15
    Daniel Bardy 989 21.3 Salmon Arm Council 8/11
    Deb Haukedal 899 19.3 Salmon Arm Council 10/11
    Robert Johnson 774 16.6 Salmon Arm Council 11/11
    Luke Norrie 747 12.8 Salmon Arm Mayor 2/3
    Tammy Brown 409 42.4 Sicamous Council 8/11
    Robert Anderson 418 12.4 Sooke Council 14/23
    Lisa Alexis 31,626 26.6 Surrey Parents Voice School Board 9/21
    Shweta Bassi 4,218 3.5 Surrey Peoples Council Surrey Council 47/56
    Amrit Birring 2,270 1.9 Surrey Peoples Council Surrey Mayor 6/8
    Tejnor Cheema 5,701 4.8 Surrey Peoples Council Surrey Council 44/56
    Kiran Hundal 5,380 4.5 Surrey Peoples Council Surrey Council 45/56
    Joe Kennedy 7,986 6.7 Surrey Peoples Council Surrey Council 41/56
    Sam Kofalt 2,125 1.8 Surrey Peoples Council Surrey Council 55/56
    Jasbir Narwal 21,967 18.5 Surrey Parents Voice School Board 12/21
    Nasima Nastoh 15,501 13 Surrey Parents Voice School Board 17/21
    Dupinder Saran 21,560 18.1 Surrey Parents Voice School Board 13/21
    Kultar Singh 3,828 3.2 Surrey Peoples Council Surrey Council 49/56
    Zelda Levine 8,875 5.2 Vancouver School Board 29/31
    Karin Litzke 8,570 5 Vancouver School Board 30/31
    Jeremy MacKenzie 3,446 2 Vancouver Council 54/60
    Amanda Tengco Fuller 9,668 5.6 Vancouver School Board 28/31
    Sylvia Herchen 1,715 28.6 Vernon Parents Voice School Board 7/11
    Jewlie Milligan 1,696 28.3 Vernon Parents Voice School Board 8/11
    Nellie Villegas 1,567 26.1 Vernon Parents Voice School Board 9/11
    Julia Alvarez 2,308 8.4 Victoria VIVA Victoria Council 18/37
    Salvetina Aqba 5,501 8.4 Victoria VIVA Victoria Council 23/30
    Leslie-Ann Goodall 5,792 8.8 Victoria VIVA Victoria School Board 22/30
    Sandy Janzen 1,793 6.5 Victoria VIVA Victoria Council 25/37
    Jason Jones 1,456 5.3 Victoria VIVA Victoria Council 28/37
    Muller Lalala 1,137 4.1 Victoria VIVA Victoria Council 31/37
    Jeremy Maddocks 2,047 7.5 Victoria VIVA Victoria Council 23/37
    Emmanuel Parenteau 2,061 7.5 Victoria VIVA Victoria Council 22/37
    Bradley Siefert 1,833 6.7 Victoria VIVA Victoria Council 24/37
    Roberta SolveY 4,600 7 Victoria VIVA Victoria School Board 24/30
    Oliver Wu 4,230 6.4 Victoria VIVA Victoria School Board 23/30
    Sasha Zhang 5,194 7.9 Victoria VIVA Victoria School Board 22/30
    Judy Zulu 7,253 11 Victoria VIVA Victoria School Board 25/30
  • Read our 4 part series - Not Exactly As Advertised – How An Antivaxx/Conservative Alliance Is Organizing To Take Over B.C. School Boards

    Candidate List (Final Version - Tuesday, October 11)

    Far Right Candidates In B.C. – (A Partial List) *

    PV = Parents Voice BC
    VV = VIVA Victoria
    PCS = Peoples’ Council Surrey
    UI = United Independents
    MR1 = Maple Ridge First
    O1 = Osoyoos First
    A4C = Action4Canada
    SA = Spirit Alliance
    NPA = Non Partisan Association
    TEAM = TEAM For A Liveable Vancouver


    Towns / cities 42
    Mayor 17
    Council 76
    School board 89
    Regional director/trustee 7


    Earl Story (school board)
    Jared White (school board)
    Korky Neufeld (school board)
    Mike Rauch (school board)
    Phil Anderson (school board)


    Rocky Dong A4C (school board)

    Campbell River

    Saron Gebresellassi (mayor)
    Kermit Dahl (mayor)
    Doug Chapman (council)
    Ron Kerr (council)
    Ben Lanyon (council)
    Susan Sinnott (council)
    Sean Smyth (council)
    Ferris Stirling (council)
    Alaina Kelly PV (school board)


    Barry Neufeld (school board)
    Heather Maahs (school board)
    Richard Procee PV (school board)
    Elliott Friesen PV (school board)
    Darrell Furgason (school board)
    Kaethe Jones (school board)


    Dean Clifford (mayor)


    Patricia Gaudreault (school board)
    Janice-John Mitchell (school board)
    Anita Debbie (school board)


    Belinda Wheatley PV (school board)
    Geoffrey Way PV (school board)
    Daniel Westley PV (school board)


    Anita Devries (school board)


    Nora Maddocks (mayor)


    Nuno Antunes PV (school board)
    Carmen Halpenny PV (school board)
    Alisa Horth PV (school board)
    Daniel Tonn PV (school board)


    Garry Bruce (council)
    Joe Sarchuk (council)
    Jason Adain (school board)


    Huck Galbraith (mayor)

    Fort St. John

    Thomas Whitton PV (school board)


    Jennifer Rowse (school board)


    Glendon Smedley (mayor)
    Chris Williams SA (council)
    Sacheen Collecutt SA (council)
    Erika Shephard (school board)
    Teresa Docksteader PV (school board)
    Tovey Demman PV (school board)
    Chris Fieber PV (school board)
    Lee-Ann Tiede (school board)
    Amy Geistlinger (school board Zone 1)
    Lisa Guderyan (school board Zone 2)
    Brian Rogers (council)


    Doug Johnson (council)
    Lyle Tassone (council)
    Rhonda Shirley (council)
    Amanda Jacobson (council)


    Neil Turner (school board)
    Tony Ward (school board)
    Stephen Ferguson (school board)
    Margaret Kunst (school board)


    Stan Pottie (mayor)
    Jonathan Lerner (council)
    Karl Weiss (council)
    Tanner Scott (school board)

    Lasqueti Island

    Dave Olson (Lasqueti Island Trust)

    Maple Ridge

    Corisa Bell (mayor)
    Mike Morden MR1 (mayor)
    Judy Dueck MR1 (council)
    Ryan Svendsen MR1 (council)
    Leah Pillet (council)
    Chelsa Meadus MR1 (council)
    Brian Dominick PV (school board)
    Johnnie Day PV (school board)


    Tasha Brown (mayor)
    Jeff Annesley (council)
    Mike Hartlaub (council)
    David Wang (council)
    Derek Hanna (council)
    Frank Pluta (council)
    Faith Mapayi (school board)

    North Cowichan

    John Koury (mayor)
    Adrienne Richards UI (council)
    Chris Shaw UI (council)
    Joe Enslow UI (council)
    Charles Borg (council)
    Mark Dodd (Area A director)
    Kate MacDonald (Area B director)
    David Fast (Area D director)
    Ruth Waddell (Area E director)
    Serena Winterburn / Freedombear (school board)
    Jen Elmore (school board)
    Marina Sapozhnikov (school board)
    Patricia Dawn (school board)

    Nechako Lakes

    Terah Albertson PV (school board)
    Daniel Albertson PV (school board)
    Janina Vanden Bos PV (school board)
    Dave Forsberg PV (school board)
    Carroll Walker PV (school board)
    Boris Gimbarzevsky (school board)

    North Pender Island

    Aaron Campbell (trustee)

    Oak Bay

    Tara Ney (council)


    Dustin Sikora O1 (mayor)
    Johnny Cheong O1 (council)
    Wes Greve O1 (council)
    Zachary Poturica O1 (council)
    Amanda Hilario O1 (council)


    Wayne Llewellyn (council)

    Pitt Meadows

    David Isaac (school board)

    Port Alberni

    Carol-Anne Zanette (council)

    Port Coquitlam

    Ivanka Culjak (council)
    Derek Jeffrey (council)
    Jenny Zhou (council)
    Paige Petriw (council)

    Port Moody

    Dawn Slykhuis (council)
    Ed Desaulniers PV (school board)

    Prince George

    Lisa Mitchell (mayor)
    Karm Manhas (council)
    Paul Serup (council)
    Trudy Klassen (council)
    Milton Mahoney (school board)
    Erica McLeane (school board)
    Cathy Fortin (school board)
    Craig Brennan (school board)
    Josh Silva (school board)
    Cory Antrim (school board)
    Bob Schroeder (school board)


    Jasmine Piao (council)
    Dean Billings (school board)
    Alice Wong (school board)
    Linda Li (school board)
    Rachel Ling (school board)
    Richard Lee (school board)
    Rod Belleza (school board)

    Salmon Arm

    Luke Norrie (mayor)
    Robert Johnson (council)
    Deb Haukedal (council)
    Daniel Barry (council)


    Tammy Brown (council)


    Maria Powers (council)
    Adam Noseworthy (council)
    Karine Bordua (council)
    Rob Anderson (council)
    Candace Linde (school board)
    Veronica Pemberton (school board)
    Murielle Lagace (school board)
    Mary Brooke (school board)


    Amrit Birring PCS (mayor)
    Sam Kofalt PCS (council)
    Joe Kennedy PCS (council)
    Kultar Singh PCS (council)
    Tejnoor Cheema PCS (council)
    Shweta Bassi PCS (council)
    Kiran Hundal PCS (council)
    Lisa Alexis PV (school board)
    Dupinder Saran PV (school board)
    Jasbir Narwal PV (school board)
    Nasima Nastoh PV (school board)


    Colleen Hardwick TEAM (mayor)
    Jeremy MacKenzie (council)
    Cleta Brown TEAM (council)
    Param Nijjar TEAM (council)
    Sean Nardi TEAM (council)
    Grace Quan TEAM (council)
    Stephen Roberts TEAM (council)
    Bill Tieleman TEAM (council)
    Karin Litzke (school board)
    Amanda Tengco (school board)
    Zelda Levine (school board)
    Matiul Alam TEAM (school board)
    Ash Vaughan (school board)


    Ernest Martens (council)
    David Van Dolah (council)
    Shirley Moon (council - Area F director, Bulkley-Nechako Regional District)


    Sylvia Herchen PV (school board)
    Jewlie Milligan PV (school board)
    Nellie Villegas PV (school board)


    Brendan Marshall (mayor)
    Muller Kalala VV (council)
    Jeremy Maddock VV (council)
    Julia Alvarez VV (council)
    Sandy Janzen VV (council)
    Jason Jones VV (council)
    Emmanuel Parenteau VV (council)
    Bradley Siefert VV (council)
    Salvetina Aqba VV (school board)
    Leslie-Ann Goodall VV (school board)
    Roberta Solvey VV (school board)
    Oliver Wu VV (school board)
    Sasha Zhang VV (school board)
    Judy Zulu VV (school board)

    West Kelowna

    Laurie Bowen PV (school board)

    White Lake

    Nicholas Nadja (council)

    * (Not every single one/these candidates is necessarily an antivaxxer, or a fascist, although a majority on this list fall into one or another/those categories. Some may be completely unaware/the politics/their running mates. However, they are all at the very least publicly supported by the antivaxx/conspiracist movement.. TEAM is a good example/this. Its candidates participated in a meeting organized by Victory Canada * (a spinoff from the antivaxx movement’s No New Normal). Maple Ridge First is a developers’ party, but has formally met with the Canadian Freedom Coalition prior to the election. All/the candidates on this list are, at the very least, being supported by Nazis and antivaxxers, and the onus is on them to publicly dissociate themselves from their fellow candidates who believe that Covid is a myth, that Anthony Fauci is a tool/the New World Order and that the (((Rothschilds))) run the world. If you lie down with dogs, you get up with fleas.) (https://nohateoncouncil.cavancouver/)

  • New group seeks control/Kelowna school board
    Kelowna Daily Courier - Sep 15, 2022 -
    Political brand shakes up Central Okanagan school board election
    ParentVoice BC is a candidate slate movement
    Kelowna Capital News - Sep 16, 2022 -
    ParentsVoice BC to run slate/candidates in Kelowna wanting to ‘take back our schools’
    Global News - Sep 16, 2022 -
    Politics as usual or a serious problem? 'Extreme' candidates running in B.C. communities
    CTV News (BC) - Sep 23, 2022 -
    Across BC, Right-Wing Candidates Are Bashing How Schools Teach
    They’re waging a ‘parents rights’ campaign against sex education and SOGI. We talked with some. A Tyee special report.
    The Tyee - Oct 10, 2022 -



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The office of the Italian union CGIL which was attacked by far-right demonstrators on October 9
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