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Far Right Week In Review – August 18 To August 24

Friday, August 18
No New Normal leader Raoul Taylor van Haastert – “US National Guard and FEMA are shooting Maui residents, looting corpses”. Not a single other local antivaxxer has distanced themselves from his hysterical lies The usual mix of far-right trolls are spreading similar whacko conspiracy theories with regard to the wildfires in BC. Not to be outdone, little PP (Conservative leader Pierre Pollievere) is continuing his campaign against doing even a little to combat the global climate crisis. Not only is his climate denialism flat wrong you might think he would realize the timing is at least a little insensitive. Apparently not!

Saturday, August 19
One of the newer gimmicks of the burgeoning sovereign citizen movement is how they now sign their “legal papers”. They insist that for a document to be valid you have to add a thumbprint in red ink to the document. Plus, it has to touch your signature or it’s no good. Honest, that’s what they’re saying. Vancouver’s premier anti-transgender radical feminist Amy Hamm spoke at the Sovereign Women Speak conference in Washington state. When they say sovereign women, they aren’t kidding. They’re allied with the III% Militia. In her own words: “The Olympia Police, State Patrol, and lll% will be present to barricade off any opposition who tries to shut down our voices or bring violence. The lll% group is not a far-right wing anti-government militia group nor do they bring violence. This is slander. Many accusations, zero proof. We worked with them at the Olympus Spa in Lynnwood and they did an amazing police liaison for us. They are there to serve, support, and protect women and make sure they have freedom of speech!” Sure, macho gun-toting, misogynist neo-Nazi militias are a woman’s best friend! Sunday, August 20 Charles Borg was one of the far-right candidates defeated in last fall’s municipal elections. Echoing Florida governor Ron DeSantis, he declared: ““Especially here in British Columbia, we’re kind of site zero for the wokeness that’s going on in our schools. “We’re seeing sexualization of our children, with some of the homework that’s being handed out and some of the lectures that have been taking place…. “It’s within the council, as well. You can look at environmental policies, energy policies. It just needs to be stopped.” Is this the same Clifford Tabor? If it is, “Save The Children” rings a bit hollow. Charged with manslaughter of a 3-year-old in 2003. The judge in this case observed “he told the jailers that night and the next morning that he had caused her death and sought in his confusion and grief the assistance of a guard to commit suicide,” but the judge acquitted him anyway.

Monday, August 22
The verbal violence towards gays and lesbians has real world consequences. Like murder. Travis Ikeguchi, named as the gunman who killed Lauri Carleton in San Bernardino County, California. A mother-of-nine, she was fatally shot because of the Pride flag in front of her clothing store. It is clear from Ikeguchi's social media posts on Twitter and Gab that he was radicalized by far-right extremism and religious rhetoric.

He often reposted content from the One America News Network. His posts are very similar to those of local bigots. He was also a big fan of Jordan Peterson, the far-right grifter and ideologue who just lost his case against the Ontario College of Psychologists who ordered him to attend a workshop on social media ethics and protocol. In June 2021 the president of the Justice Centre for Constitutional Freedoms, John Carpay, got in hot water for hiring a private eye to stalk the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of Manitoba. Carpay has just been disbarred by the Manitoba Law Society. For life. Plus a $5,000 fine. Plus, he’s still facing criminal charges. But the JCCF is still standing by its man The JCCF is perhaps the most important legal resource for the antivaxx / conspiracist movement, representing multiple defendants in multiple venues.
Carpay’s been thick with the far right since the 1990’s, when he was on the board of the Northern Foundation, along with Stephen Harper. The groups head, Rita Hartmann, was the widow of neo-Nazi Paul Hartmann. The Northern Foundation itself was extensively linked to skinheads and fascists across North America.

Tuesday, August 22
Quite a few antivaxxers are preparing for the reintroduction of Covid public health measures going into the fall. Antisemite / racist / homophobe / Holocaust denier Chris Sky is calling for his followers to organize action groups The narrative on Maui is shifting. It’s the “Maui Massacre” now. Initially the fires were attributed to environmental arsonists. Now it’s because of a systematic globalist effort to destroy infrastructure via fires started with directed energy weapons to usher in 15-minute cities and the New World Order. Lots of people pushing this, including Russell Brand, for example.

Wednesday, August 23
The far right has supporters with deep pockets, that’s a fact. The Coutts 4 are in jail facing charges of conspiring to murder police, etc., and their supporters have raised nearly a million dollars for them, including one lump sum donation of $100,000. The right’s problem is that as soon as they raise pots of money, they start infighting big time over who’s got it, where it’s going, the lack of accountability.For example a major flame war has broken out between Jeremy Mackenzie of Diagolon and Rebel News founder Ezra Levant.

Saskatchewan premier Scott Moe has climbed on the anti-trans hate-wagon. On August 22, Saskatchewan Premier Scott Moe and Education Minister Dustin Duncan announced new policies for schools that specifically target 2SLGBTQIA+ students. In the press release, Saskatchewan schools are now required to “seek parent/guardian permission when changing the preferred name and pronouns used by students under the age of 16 in the school.”
Duncan’s announcement was packaged with two other policies. The first requires parents to be informed about the sexual health curriculum “and have the option to decline their children’s participation.” The other requires boards of education to sever ties with third-party organizations “connected to sexual health education.”
The Canadian Civil Liberties Association (CCLA) condemned the move to require permission from parents to change names or pronouns in a press release, stating they will take legal action to protect student rights in the province.
“The new policy violates the rights and dignity of 2SLGBTQIA+ young people and is not in the best interest of students,” the statement said. “We have seen all too often what happens when students are outed at home. Some unsupportive families have kicked their kids out of the house or resorted to physical violence.”
Little known fact: In the Shuswap, the right is saying BC firefighters are part of the NOW (New World Order) conspiracy and some organized a convoy to invade the evacuation zone. Details on who organized the convoy are unclear, but even veteran conspiracist Kyle Cardinal says people should steer clear of them. “For the record I was in no way a part of the Sorrento convoy and am in no way in support of it. I have trust issues with some that are involved. Be wary.” How does one become too nuts for the nutty?

Thursday, August 24
Quote of the week: Far-right dirty trickster, Proud Boy mentor and Trump enabler Roger Stone: "The Whole thing was a con job. No, it's infuriation...it's just, childish and it's amateurish. It's why they lost. They don't know what they're doing." Pic of the week. Outside the jail before Trump’s arrest.

How about door number 2?
The Long Reads – 1) Understanding American Domestic Terrorism: Mobilization Potential and Risk Factors of a New Threat Trajectory, https://cpost.uchicago.edu/publications/understanding_american_domestic_terrorism_mobilization_potential_and_risk_factors_of_a_new_threat_trajectory/ Findings from three studies – “What we are dealing with here is not merely a mix of right-wing organizations, but a broader mass movement with violence at its core.... Specifically, all three studies find statistically significant evidence that the Great Replacement – the idea that minorities will have more rights than whites – is a key driver. (Emphasis in original)

170 million Americans (67%) believe the 2020 election was legitimate. 74 million (29%) believe it was stolen. A further 10 million (4%) believe it was stolen and support the use of violence to restore Donald Trump to the presidency.

2) Dangers to Democracy: Tracking Deep Distrust of Democratic Institutions, Conspiracy Beliefs and Support for Political Violence among Americans.https://www.allianceforpeacebuilding.org/us-peacejusticedemocracy-digest/lh26zsw2f5tndfz-j4wd8-mpt2h-2b972-ezdzl-w63lh-jec3m-nsp7x-n337p-bb6r6-hmz92-79eda-j3a8a-8lb29-jsg8e-ndhyg-2j4fn To summarize:
“From April 6, 2023 to June 26, 2023, Americans agreeing that “the use of force is justified to return Donald Trump to the presidency” increased from 4.5% to 7%, or the equivalent of an estimated shift from 12 million to 18 million American adults.” Support for the use of force to coerce Congress rose from 9 percent to 17 percent. 27% of Republicans believe the 2024 election is already rigged.
16.5% of Republicans believe a secret group of Satan-worshiping pedophiles controls the US government. 14.6% of Republicans support the use of force to prevent the teaching of critical race theory in schools. 9.9% of Republicans support the use of force to preserve the rights of whites.

Upcoming Events
September 5 – OG 2022 Ottawa Convoy organizers Tamara Lich and Chris Barber go on trial, charged with mischief, obstructing police, counselling others to commit mischief, intimidation and failing to comply with bail. Crown prosecutors are asking for two- to ten-year sentences for what they did during the occupation of Ottawa.

September 10 – Far right U.S. evangelist, Republican, anti-choiceer and failed Congressional candidate Sean Feucht coming to Coquitlam to preach, agitate and shit disturb. Amphitheater at the TD Community Plaza, 1299 Pinetree Way September 20 – "Million Person March" against LGBTQ rights planned for across Canada. It goes without saying there won't be a million people, but this may be an important indicator of the success (or lack of) the Christofascist current is having in allying with conservative Muslims. It's ramping up bigtime across a large number of far-right social media platforms and turning into a major indicator of the far right's mobilization capacity, like the September 2021 hospital demonstrations and the 2022 Ottawa convoy. In Surrey, looks like it'll be at 72nd Avenue and Scott Road from 11:00 to 2:00.
September 22 – Billboard Chris and Josh Alexander will be attempting to harass Toronto schoolkids (and LGBTQ folk) again: 11 am at Walingford Road and Cassandra Blvd targeting Victoria Park Collegiate Institute and Annunciation Catholic School.



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The office of the Italian union CGIL which was attacked by far-right demonstrators on October 9
Photo: Giuseppe Binetti (@Joe_Binetti)

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