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Read more about the people behind the Freedom Convoy and Vancouver’s Anti-Mask Movement.

Freedom Convoy

Pat King, Calgary convoy organizer and national spokesperson makes it clear that the convoy’s goal is not to abolish vaccination passports – the convoy aims to oust the Trudeau government

Convoy participants were required to sign the Canada-Unity Memorandum Of Understanding, which outlined a coup against the federal government ant the establishment of a provisional government consisting of the (unelected) Senate, the (unelected) Governor General and three (unelected) convoy leaders: James Bauder, Sandra Bauder and Halifax convoy organizer Martin Brodmann. (This memorandum was withdrawn by convoy organizers on February 8.)

However, Thomas Marazzo subsequently repeated the convoy’s demand that the federal government be ousted, and proposed a slightly different and equally preposterous version — that the convoy enter into a coalition government with representatives from the Conservatives, the NDP and the Bloc.

The convoy has added another spokesperson, Paul Alexander. Alexander is a former part-time instructor at McMaster University (not a trucker), who served in Donald Trump’s Department of Health and Human Services. His role there was to oppose Covid vaccinations, social distancing, masking and other public health measures. The CBC noted “Alexander’s preferred plan was to keep things open, let low-risk people get infected, try isolating high-risk people, and in cases of serious illness, prescribe cocktails of existing anti-viral drugs.”

The antivaxx movement is not a fascist movement, but it is very much a precursor to fascism. The Canadian media need to start shining a light on it. It will not be made to go away simply by ignoring it.

James Bauder

Bauder is one of the key Western organizers of the truckers’ convoy to Ottawa. He runs the Canada Unity web site which is one of the clearing houses for organizers of the convoy. He’s also a former activist in Yellow Vests Canada and United We Roll, heavily networked with neo-Nazis and no stranger to supporting scabs and intimidating striking unionists.He also appears to support QAnon. On January 7, 2020 he posted the following to his Facebook page: “What do patriots do when we get knocked down? We get back up and win the fight which ain’t over by a long shot!! WWG1WGA” Bauder is a trucker.

Pat King

Pat King is the Northern Alberta organizer of the convoy. He has been a highly visible figure in Canada’s far right, starting with his participation in Yellow Vests Canada. He went on from there to be a co-founder and board member of the western separatist movement Alberta Wexit. He has been profiled many times by the Canadian Anti-Hate Network as a racist, an anti-Semite and a white supremacist. King took part in a violent disruption of an antiracist press conference in Red Deer during which a press conference presenter was assaulted. King is not a trucker, but was one some years ago.

Les Michaelson

Michaelson is the sole moderator of the convoy’s official Facebook page, Freedom Convoy 2022. He was also a supporter of Wexit and took part along with King in disrupting the Red Deer anti-racist press conference,and also disrupted a Rachel Notley election event. Not a trucker.

Nicky Hurley

Hurley is an administrator of Freedom Convoy 2022. He was also active in the Yellow vests, and is now involved in the sovereign citizen, conspiracist Unify The People group. He is an antivaxxer, anti-refugee, and has signalled support for QAnon on his Facebook page. Does not appear to be a trucker.

Tamara Lich

Lich ran the convoy’s GoFundMe which has raised over $10million before being shut down by the company. She was the Medicine Hat organizer for Yellow Vests Canada, a regional coordinator for Wexit, and until early February was the secretary and a board member of Wexit’s successor organization, the Maverick Party. Not a trucker.

Chris Garrah

Garrah is Ottawa convoy coordinator. He ran the convoy’s GiveSendGo fundraiser until it was frozen. He’s an antivaxxer, a PPC supporter, and believes that vaccinations are genocide. May be a trucker.

Jason Lefaci

Lefaci is Northeast Ontario coordinator of the convoy. He is also Northern Ontario coordinator of the No More Lockdowns group and has posted his belief that “public health is murder.” He also harasses store employees for enforcing mask mandates. Wears Soldiers of Odin hoodie. Does not appear to be a trucker.

Harold Jonker

Jonker is Fort Erie coordinator of the convoy. He’s also a city councillor from West Lincoln, Ontario, an antivaxxer and a member of the Anti-Lockdown Caucus of antivaxx politicians. He was also a candidate for the far right Christian Heritage Party in the 2021 federal election. Jonkers’ family owns a trucking company.

Dave Steenburg

Steenburg is Toronto road captain for the convoy. He believes that vaccines kill babies and that “the only terrorists in this country are those people themselves being J Trudeau and his criminal group.” He also believes the elite want to depopulate the world and they are killing people with vaccines to do this: A trucker who has reportedly posted the icon of the fascist Soldiers of Odin on his Facebook page.

Chris Barber

Barber is the southern Saskatchewan organizer of the convoy. He has two Confederate flags hanging on the wall of his garage. He’s also a racist and a homophobe.

Dana Metcalfe

Metcalfe is convoy coordinator in St. John’s, Newfoundland. She is an activist in Stand United, an antivaxx group that has been targeting media outlets with demonstrations across the country. On January 8 she organized a picket outside the St. John’s offices of the CBC which also forced the closure of a vaccination centre next door. Not a trucker.

Tom Marazzo

Marazzo is the new press spokesperson for the Ottawa convoy. Not a trucker, he’s a retired Canadian Armed Forces captain andlso a member of the antivaxx Police On Guard For Thee which is organizing among police and military personnel. Former computer science instructor at Georgian College in Barrie, Ont. Marazzo has repeated the convoy’s demand to oust the federal government and offered for the convoy to enter into a coalition with representatives from the Conservatives, the NDP and the Bloc. This is essentially the same pro-coup position the convoy has maintained since its inception.

Benjamin "B.J." Dichter

Dichter, along with Tamara Lich, is one of the two national convoy fundraisers, including the now-closed $10 million+ GoFundMe.
He also is fine with Confederate flags at convoy events. After he left the Conservative Party he joined the PPC and ran as a candidate in Toronto Danforth. This explain his Islamophobia: “Despite what our corporate media and political leaders want to admit, Islamist entryism and the adaptation of political Islam is rotting away at our society like syphilis.” He believes “the Liberal Party is ‘infested’ with Islamists,” and that “Canada is ill and suffering and it is suffering from the stench of cultural relativism and political Islam.”

Jason Bradbury

B.C. Organizer

Bradbury is described as a “key organizer” of the Langley-to-Vancouver.convoy: He is Facebook friends with Kaz Nowlin (former head of Canadian III% Militia before it was declared a terrorist organisation), and Soldiers of Odin leader Brian Baxter..

James Davison

B.C. Organizer

Davison is the leader of the Langley-to-Vancouver convoy, and a firearms enthusiast. He predicts civil war if he doesn’t get his way.

Kazimir Nowlin

B.C. Organizer

Nowlin is helping organize the antivaxx convoy. Nowlin is the former leader of the Soldiers of Odin, and was president of the Canadian III% Militia until it was designated a terrorist organization by the Canadian government.

Vancouver Anti-Mask Movement

The folks behind the Anti-Mask Movement in Vancouver, B.C.

The Vancouver anti-mask movement has organized a large number of actions over the past two years. From small weekly rallies at the Vancouver Art Gallery to large “Freedom” rallies numbering well over a thousand participants. Last August they were able to corral several thousand supporters to block, intimidate and harass health care workers and patients at Vancouver General Hospital. Now they have jumped onboard the “Convoy” movement that has caused chaos in Ottawa and at a number of border points including in BC.

Its member groups include No New Normal, Hugs Over Masks, A Celebration of Freedoms And Rights, Unify The People, Liberty Talk Canada, Vaccine Choice Canada, Action4Canada and Common Law Education And Rights Initiative.

Though ostensibly concerned with Covid public health measures, these groups have political agendas that extend far beyond, lockdowns, masks, testing and vaccines. It is drawn from diverse constituencies ranging from Peoples’ Party of Canada activists to Christian fundamentalists to wellness advocates to yoga moms.

However, the diversity of its participants contrasts sharply with the uniform politics of its leadership – conspiracism, anti-semitism, sovereign citizen / common law ideology, QAnon, hostility to the mythical “New World Order” and a hard-right politics converging on fascism. We’ll let the leaders speak for themselves:

Odessa Orlewicz

Freedom Rally World / Liberty Talk Canada

More antisemitism in the Vancouver & BC anti-lockdown protest movement

Odessa Orlewicz of Liberty Talk Canada says an occult cabal of child-trafficking elites masquerading as Jews (evoking the Khazar hypothesis) control the world, while recommending a QAnon documentary.

— Drew (@nolifeneet) January 6, 2021

Orlewicz, Facebook page, October 11, 2020:

“Multilateralism means New World Order. Fact, Not fiction. This NWO economist who advises the pope is at the Vatican in this video advising about the problems Trump brings to the NWO plan that was in place since the 90’s BUT declares NWO has the rest of the world accomplished. He is having a meeting about “what to do about it.”The Vatican can finally be tied to the NWO in video format for those who refuse to believe it. The NWO will not be peachy and flowery as they try to make us believe using their cushy words like Paris agreement and Iran deal.

This is a VERY important video to share…Remember Canada is building isolation centers for covid (fake) and “OTHER REASONS.” USA has FEMA camps in place. Trump is the thin thin thread holding this back.”

Danielle Kinchella-Pistilli

Freedom Rally World

Danielle Kinchella-Pistilli, Facebook page, December 13, 2020:

“So let’s talk about the media and who owns them. I encourage everyone to look into the horrible George Soros. At 15 he would rat out where Jewish were hiding and collected their belongings for the government to take, even though he himself was Jewish.

At 50 he said he had zero regret about his actions, full well knowing the blood that was on his hands, when asked in an interview. This should give you an idea of the mentality of one of the biggest puppeteers in this game.

There are 6 people that own ALL the media in the world and those 6 ALL report to one guy…George! This puppeteer controls the entire narrative. He and the sick bastards that report to him have an awful agenda to control all of us and to also depopulate the planet.”

Alicia Johnson

Freedom Rally World

The Brian Ruhe Show (July 22nd, 2020):

“Well, if anyone understands these people like George Soros, the Rockefellers, the Rothschilds, they’re the ones who on the six major broadcasting corporations, who run all of our media, all of our news, and that is how they’re able to manipulate the masses, I didn’t know that in 1913 the Rothschilds actually bought the United States of America. They’re, the U.S. Treasury is not owned by the U.S., it’s owned by the Rothschilds.”

Alicia Johnson, Facebook page, January 6, 2021:

“Antifa is a Biden / George Soros movement aka besties with Clinton’s / Obama’s If you want to see where all the BLM donation money goes – FOLLOW THE MONEY – go to the BLM website , then Act Blue who collects donations. Then go look at where those donations go. ALL DEMOCRATIC POLITICAL PARTIES CAMPAIGNS.”

Marcella Desjarlais

Freedom Rally World / Hugs Over Masks


Desjarlais is a member of the Tax Revolt Planning Commission, along with anti maskers Ryan Kulbaba, Marius Malciu, Tara Reeve, Danna Bresciani, Harm Bomm, Holly Beune, Monika Podolski and Mark Friesen. The Commission plans to use the tax revolt “as a carrot or bargaining chip with the Municipalities in an effort where the incentive of the people is to see a significant reduction in property and other taxes and the carrot for the municipality is to fight for the people and against an unjust set of forced measures from higher levels of Government, and in exchange to have the people agree to an adjusted and reduced level of taxes instead of no taxes at all. The idea is to drive a wedge between different levels of the government and have one side battle with the other and on behalf of the people, with regard to freedom, rights and against arbitrary lockdowns and absurd medical restrictions on healthy people.”


Brian Ruhe

No More Lockdowns / Vancouver Human Rights Movement


Brian Ruhe ( was one of the first leaders of the antivaxx movement in Vancouver. He was one of the three organizers of the movement’s first demonstration in April 2020, which included harassing staff at St. Paul’s Hospital. He went on from that to target hospital workers at Vancouver General Hospital. Ruhe has dropped out of any visible leadership role in the antivaxx movement, but for a considerable part of its history he was at the very centre of things. And this is despite the fact that he is a Nazi who has made no secret of his adulation of Adolph Hitler. From its very beginning the antivaxx movement has proven it has no hesitation in welcoming overt, unapologetic fascists into its ranks, even into its leadership. We should not be surprised that its leadership is now dominated by antisemites, Islamophobes, racists and white supremacists. The DNA was there right from the beginning.

THE HITLER FILES (January 14, 2019) – MY HITLER by Brian Ruhe:

“Thinking of the name, Adolf Hitler, stirs my heart. I have a devotional relationship with Adolf Hitler…. On YouTube we are riveted and inspired to tears by the excellent quality videos volunteers like us have put out, blazing the light of truth about how wholesome the Fuehrer was, how he was a builder of his nation and people. Millions of people are now waking up to realize that Adolf Hitler didn’t want WW II, he didn’t start the war, he didn’t even prepare for such a war…. Repeatedly my straight arm salute goes to the photo of Adolf Hitler on my wall at home, as I explode with joy to be able to reverence The Great One. Heil Hitler!!”

Ryan Kulbaba

A Celebration of Freedoms and Rights


“We have a group of people up in Canada, Alberta-based, called Unify The People, and what they’re doing, this is headed by a guy named Dallas. He’s got about roughly, he’s got about 250,000 people on board and what they’re about is creating a bunch of sovereign people, sovereign nation, draft a new constitution for Canada. He goes around speaking to a lot of different cities. If you go to they’ve got a big long web site, lots of information on their movement up here about creating a sovereign nation. I’m going to get into more promoting them after this [July 2020] march…. “

Tanya Gaw


Action4Canada is a small ultra-right Christian fundamentalist group with a hard-line Biblical agenda. One of their primary campaigns at present is threatening businesses with $35,000 lawsuits for implementing anti-Covid measures.

This all stems from their conviction that anti-Covid measures are designed to turn Canada into a Communist country.

Action4Canada is anti-choice, Islamophobic and anti-LGBTQ. It also opposes the UN, 5G, cannabis legalization, gun control, the carbon tax, Covid-19 economic stimulus spending and allowing refugees into Canada (except Christian refugees, they’re OK with that). They also demand an apology from Rogers Sportsnet for being mean to Don Cherry.

Vladislav Sobolev

Hugs Over Masks / Freedom Rally World

Sobolev called the January 6th storming of the U.S. Capitol an antifa plot.

Vladislav Sobolev Facebook page, January 6, 2021:

“1. Not a single violent incident initiated by Trump supporters at any Trump rallies whole time 2. This is a first time at major Trump rally no antifa incidents until storming building & smashing windows (basic antifa actions) 3. Who does BENEFIT MOST at this stage from violent outburst 4. THINK.”





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