Far Right Week In Review

January 26 To February 1

Friday, January 26
The government of Texas adores the US Supreme Court when it nukes abortion rights, but is literally defying its orders when it doesn’t like them. Like right now at the US-Mexico border.  https://www.democracynow.org/2024/1/25/headlines/texas_defy_scotus_order_to_remove_illegal_and_deadly_barrier_on_mexico_border

Actually, not just Texas. Twenty-five Republican governors have signed on to Abbott’s defiance. The declaration on the Republican Governors Association website says in part: ““We stand in solidarity with our fellow Governor, Greg Abbott, and the State of Texas in utilizing every tool and strategy, including razor wire fences, to secure the border. We do it in part because the Biden Administration is refusing to enforce immigration laws already on the books and is illegally allowing mass parole across America of migrants who entered our country illegally.

As this is unfolding, an armed Christian fundamentalist convoy is heading to that border to enforce God’s law. At gunpoint. “The convoy is being organized as tensions over the US–Mexico border escalated this week, when the US Supreme Court lifted an order by a lower court and sided with President Joe Biden’s administration to rule that Border Patrol agents could remove razor wire installed by the Texas National Guard and state troopers.
Texas governor Greg Abbott has defied the ruling as the Texas National Guard and state troopers have continued to roll out wire at Shelby Park on the banks of the Rio Grande in Eagle Pass. Republicans have backed Abbott, who stated on January 24 that the state’s right to “defend and protect” itself against an “invasion” of migrants “is the supreme law of the land and supersedes any federal statutes to the contrary.”  https://www.wired.com/story/extremists-far-right-armed-convoy-texas-border

There are actually multiple convoys, heading to Eagle Pass Texas, Yuma Arizona and San Ysidro California. All of them are being massively promoted through far right social media channels across the U.S. Probably arriving at the border around February 2. https://www.nationalmemo.com/border-security-2667100354

“While the initial conversations stressed that their political activity at Eagle Pass and beyond should remain peaceful, the attitudes rapidly changed following a massive influx of chatroom members joining in from across the nation, with one user even openly admitting their desire to perform extrajudicial executions of immigrants.” https://www.vpsreports.com/post/leaked-take-our-border-back-convoy-discord-and-telegram-chat-logs
The PPC is fully onboard too. Max reposted this. Surprise.

Rachel Gilmore condensed Tucker Carlson’s Calgary speech (so you don’t have to watch the whole thing). https://x.com/atRachelGilmore/status/1750642806115455194?s=20

Saturday, January 27
Another day, another convoy. This one’s from Calgary to Coutts to mark the second anniversary of the border blockade that saw the Coutts boys wind up in jail charged with conspiracy to murder cops. The arrests aren’t surprising. The fiery indignation of much of the antivaxx movement isn’t either. “Free The Coutts Boys” is common currency throughout the Freedom Movement TM. Seems like that support extends to the Alberta premier’s office, too. https://x.com/TheBreakdownAB/status/1751323673297051717?s=20

Has Danielle Smith forgotten this, or is it that she just doesn’t care? https://twitter.com/cspotweet/status/1493381710448402433/photo/2

First time around it was slavery, states’ rights and nullification. The forms of racism have mutated (not that much), and nullification and states’ rights are still front and centre (just look at Texas!) but they’ve added a bunch of other issues to The Cause. These are the dominant themes.

Debate with antivaxxers? Not recommended. Mostly a waste of breath. But if you do, use science. https://x.com/Debunk_the_Funk/status/1750633001887646143?s=20

Arrest warrant out for Ontario save-the-children activist Astryd Schller. Charged with child abduction. https://www.convoywatch.ca/p/police-searching-for-parental-rights

Sunday, January 28
Hitler had his methamphetamine. Trump had the White House clinic. https://x.com/nickmmark/status/1751040181153702142?s=20

Transphobes admit the Edmonton city hall shooter was acting on their far-right tropes. But blame Trudeau anyway. https://twitter.com/TonyYvce/status/1750830794212274597/photo/1

However, one of the main transphobe groups in Alberta is defending the Edmonton security guard who shot up city hall in an “anti-woke” rampage – “he did it because Trudeau.” https://x.com/TonyYvce/status/1750830794212274597?s=20

The BC Cons are pulling out numbers in the Peace. Significant numbers. https://x.com/Conservative_BC/status/1752053898112852152?s=20

Reported from Parliament Hill — “To top it all off, during a moment of silence for former NDP leader Ed Broadbent, Poilievre, who had left the confines of the chamber but was still in the atrium, could be heard laughing with a group on the other side of the curtains.”

Monday, January 29
The new far right anxiety? “George Soros bought Taylor Swift!”
No, it was the Pentagon!
Or was it Satan?
Wait, maybe it was the Democrats. Whatever.

Convoyista drives his truck at cops. Gets ten months. Led away crying. https://x.com/audricmoses/status/1752105521182875962?s=20

Today is the seventh anniversary of the Quebec City mosque massacre. Let’s never forget. https://x.com/TPSMyronDemkiw/status/1751976571567481008?s=20

Tuesday, January 30
Recall Rachna goes down in flames. This is more than just a flop, it’s an abject failure. They only got 28% of the 11,811 votes they needed. The BC Freedom Party mobilized thousands to protest trans rights last September. They had 101 volunteer canvassers collecting signatures for this campaign. Despite this, they failed. Now they have to find another tactic, another angle, another gimmick. https://globalnews.ca/news/10258755/surrey-recall-fails-rachna-singh/

Manufacturing A Lie #1 – The far right’s slander of the Canadian Anti-Hate Network is a case study in the manufacture and dissemination of outright lies. Jeremy MacKenzie fabricated a story that CAHN had pressured the government to invoke the Emergencies Act. The lie was then amplified by Elon Musk. Retweeted by Jordan Peterson. Smeared all over the pages of the New York Post. (Spoiler alert – CAHN never called for the government to use the Emergencies Act.) https://www.antihate.ca/the_canadian_anti_hate_network_diagolon_and_the_emergencies_act

Manufacturing A Lie #2 — Or take the example of fentanyl and safe supply. Faced with 2,511 overdose deaths in B.C. in 2023, the BC Centre On Substance Use introduced a new comprehensive set of guidelines for dispensing fentanyl as part of an effort to provide safe supply to users. https://www.dropbox.com/scl/fi/cj5e72j5thx4xy8c7ni35/PSS-Fentanyl-Tablet-Maintenance.pdf?rlkey=kbi77pbq7483m9uvwy56fn3hw&dl=0

The guidelines include a number of different measures to deter safe supply fentanyl tablets from being diverted to the street market — “Some programs may use two-prescriber approval, in which one prescriber conducts the intake and a second prescriber reviews the participant’s chart and signs off on the participant initiating fentanyl tablets.” https://www.dropbox.com/scl/fi/cj5e72j5thx4xy8c7ni35/PSS-Fentanyl-Tablet-Maintenance.pdf?rlkey=kbi77pbq7483m9uvwy56fn3hw&dl=0

Despite the fact there is no mention of underage users in the protocol, in December Adam Zivo of the MacDonald-Laurier Institute attacked the document, saying “the protocols seem to establish a system where the government can give minors fentanyl and sufentanil behind their parents’ backs.” (emphasis added)

A month later in an op-ed column in the National Post, Zivo dropped the qualifying “seem to” and directly accused the BC government of undermining parental rights — “In what constitutes a clear trampling of parental rights, British Columbia recently authorized the provision of “safer supply” fentanyl to youth across the province, regardless if parents are informed of, or agree to, this measure.”

Well, then the floodgates opened and the vitriol gushed out. On January 10 BC Conservative Party leader John Rustad tweeted ““It seems that parents will actually be powerless to stop the (NDP Eby) government from supplying their children with fentanyl…” This is nightmare fuel for parents and families. The Conservative Party of BC will END the failed, socialist “safe supply” experiment in BC.”

A day later Aaron Gunn, the CPC candidate for North Island—Powell River tweeted “the situation in this country has continued to deteriorate. Now, in BC, the NDP (supported by Trudeau) have approved handing out (at taxpayers’ expense) actual fentanyl. Including to minors under the age of 18. Without parental consent.” (emphasis in original)

Two weeks after that, Tucker Carlson was telling his audience of 12,000 in Edmonton and Calgary “if someone’s giving fentanyl to your children without telling you, they’re trying to kill your children.” The clip has been viewed 137,200 times on Rebel News’ Twitter account) That’s how the far-right echo chamber works. Like a big campfire circle, but with conscious malice injected at each retelling around the circle, until the truth is morphed into the lie.

Wednesday, January 31
Danielle Smith is bringing in “parental rights” legislation in Alberta without even the pretense of consultation. She hasn’t talked to the LGBTQ community. Or teachers. Or her own cabinet minister, for that matter. Here’s Dale Nally, Minister of Services and Red Tape Reduction (this clip has actually been deleted from its social media by the Alberta government.) https://x.com/TheBreakdownAB/status/1752591487601144081?s=20

And they might be the worst yet in Canada. Wilbur Turner explains. https://x.com/queergranddad/status/1752840869202538883?s=20

Have a “cold”? Need dubious pharmaceuticals? Odessa Orlewicz is now your one-stop shop for those pills that will kill the virus that (a) is only the flu, (b) is harmless, (c) grew up in a biolab in Wuhan, (d) doesn’t exist. “Do you want ivermectin and H.C.Q for your medical kit? I order from [email protected] (it’s a new email address.) They are in Canada & the products have already arrived here in Canada. They do Xpresspost. Just email them. They are LEGIT. Tell them Odessa sent you for faster service.”

Multinational company not making enough profits, closes mill. BC Conservatives blame everyone except multinational company that closed mill. No mention of scores of mill and factory closures while he was in government.

Thursday, February 1
“I always had this… Messianic complex.” Meet David Parke of Take Back Alberta.
THIS is the power behind the throne in Alberta. https://twitter.com/JasonOnTheDrums/status/1752039884959948988/photo/2

We need to disabuse ourselves of the notion that only Israel is engaged in the collective punishment of Palestinians for Hamas’ actions. Israel is doing the bombing, but Canada’s joined in on the starvation agenda.
That “Army of God” convoy heading to the Texas-Mexico border seems to be a total bust – only 50 vehicles as of today. The big rally is on Saturday, so we’ll see if their numbers increase. Looks doubtful.

On his way to join them is B.C.’s own Ron Clark, Freedom Advocate TM. He ran into someone at a gas station in Montana who found out where he was going and liked him so much he offered to lend Ron a gun. Hope Ron took it – it’s a serious felony offense for a nonresident alien to be found in possession of a firearm.
Alberta – targeting transgender kids today, targeting abortion tomorrow. https://x.com/gilmcgowan/status/1753261717919031783?s=20

Joke of the week – An ex-con, a white supremacist, a Nazi, a goof psychologist and a provincial premier walk into a bar…. https://twitter.com/TheRealKeean/status/1751690435792392439/photo/1

Meme of the week — https://x.com/Rainmaker1973/status/1752743923305284068?s=20

Smile of the week — https://x.com/RollinReisinger/status/1750971969934180627?s=20

Setting the record straight — https://x.com/LFaraday/status/1751970445874581520?s=20

Tweet of the week — https://x.com/AnnaSova17/status/1752934261680660603?s=20

Burn (or is it Byrne?) of the week — https://x.com/TheJasonPugh/status/1753173598653563208?s=20 

Coming Events —
March 9 – Stand United rears its ugly head again, organizing a nationwide anti-media demo. In Vancouver it’s targeting CTV. https://x.com/atRachelGilmore/status/1744733058312675586?s=20

March 19 – New Ontario convoy planning to occupy police stations. Good luck with that.




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