Cops like fascists (*).  This is hardly rocket science.  But the thin blue line’s infatuation with the far right has gotten so far gone that even the mainstream media can’t ignore it any more. 

As the occupation of Ottawa dragged on with little to no law enforcement from law enforcement, the Ottawa Citizen’s op-ed complaints of police inaction were replaced by editorial board condemnations of the Ottawa Police for “appeasing” the convoy.

Perhaps the best indicator of this change in media coverage to date has been the CBC’s Fifth Estate program on the antivaxx occupation of Ottawa.  For perhaps the first time a Canadian prime-time audience was given an in-depth look at the fascist leaders of the convoy, and equally important, the police complicity accompanying it. This program marked a first serious look at the alarming collaboration between Canada’s police forces and the far right, but even so it failed to convey the full scope of that collaboration.  In fairness to the CBC, that’s at least partly due to the fact that there is only so much you can squeeze into a feature that’s 42 minutes long.  So in the interests of full and balanced coverage, let’s look at the extent to which the police have supported a movement whose stated goals include the ouster of the federal government and the abandonment of public health measures against a pandemic that has – so far – killed at least six million people worldwide and over 37,000 in Canada alone.


At the very beginnings of their movement, many antivaxxers were wary of the police.  But that quickly changed when they found out that police across the country signaled their support for a paranoid, conspiracy movement, in many documented instances refused to enforce the law when it was being broken by the antivaxxers, and in many cases openly advocated for and recruited to that movement.

This institutional bias is nothing new.  To give only one example, the Vancouver Police Department has an established history of standing by and letting fascists disrupt left-wing / anti-racist / union events.  In March 2017 it allowed members of the Soldiers of Odin to assault participants at an anti-racist rally and even lied to protect them.

According to one participant at the rally, “it is debatable whether the VPD intervened to stop the attack or rescue the SOO members. They were temporarily detained, chatting amiably with the VPD officers and smoking cigarettes on the sidewalk, then released without charges just as the rally wound up, putting rally participants, including many women of colour, at extreme risk.  This VPD practice was repeated a few months later following the neo-nazi torchlight parade and subsequent murder of Heather Heyer in Charlottesville Virginia. A planned anti-immigration and Islamophobic event at City Hall was prevented by over 4000 Vancouverites filling the grounds and surrounding streets with messages of peace, tolerance and solidarity. The VPD incident commander threatened to arrest the anti-racist organizers, mostly high school teachers, if they brought in just one vehicle pulling a trailer with a portable stage and sound equipment. This again put the many prominent speakers at risk from agitators or provocateurs. These included then mayor Gregor Robertson, Grand Chief Stewart Phillip, faith leaders and others – including an MLA conveying a message of support from Premier Horgan. With sight lines obscured and no clear separation from the large crowd, protection duties once again fell on a volunteer security team. The mayor – who was also chair of the Police Board – and the CBC crew covering the event apparently shared the expectation that the large VPD presence was of no value to their personal security; they both arrived with private bodyguards hired for the occasion.”

Four years later, VPD practice has consistently followed the same pattern.  For two years the local antivaxx movement has consistently violated provincial health orders and mask mandates, and for two years the VPD has refused to enforce the law. Sometimes this inaction has been attributed to the risk of officers being assaulted by peaceful antivaxxers if they attempt to issue tickets to violators as happened on New Years’ Eve 2020, when the VPD complained “ticketing and arrests could escalate an already passionate situation, and when there are larger groups of people, the risk of injury to both protestors and police officers rises.”

Most often, however, VPD has not even bothered to explain its hands-off approach to antivaxxer aggression, like the incident on August 14, 2021 when antivaxxers disrupted a rally of the B.C. Teachers’ Federation. Vancouver police stood by, did nothing to prevent it, and actually intervened to protect the disruptors.

Four months earlier, Maxime Bernier and Derek Sloan had held an anti-transrights rally at the same location, maskless, in violation of provincial health orders.  
VPD’s only action in response was to disperse a peaceful counter-protest (whose participants were fully masked and socially distanced.

I’m disturbed that the @VancouverPD decided to disperse a peaceful (and safe) counter-protest in favour of allowing a superspreader hate rally to continue. The #vancouver #LGBTQ community sees what side you’re on. #bcpoli #vanpoli @CityofVancouver @kennedystewart— Dr. Catherine Jenkins 🇺🇦 (@cate_jenkins) April 10, 2021

Instead of enforcing provincial health orders, @VancouverPD / @ChiefPalmer now breaking up peaceful car counter-protest by diverting traffic @NEWS1130 @cbcnewsbc @cbcnews @GlobalBC #bcpoli #vanpoli— Dr. Catherine Jenkins 🇺🇦 (@cate_jenkins) April 10, 2021

The @VancouverPD and @ChiefPalmer refusing to hand out tickets and enforce provincial health orders at transphobic superspreader hate rally. @CityofVancouver @GlobalBC @NEWS1130 @CBCNews @CBCVancouver #vanpoli #bcpoli— Dr. Catherine Jenkins 🇺🇦 (@cate_jenkins) April 10, 2021

To make their affinities perfectly clear, on February 5 2022 the Vancouver police arrested five activists counter-protesting a large antivaxx convoy in Vancouver.  However, when a convoy member driving a semi intentionally struck a counter-demonstrator with his truck and then left the scene, there were no charges whatsoever.

It’s hardly surprising to find that antivaxxers in Vancouver have interpreted this as a signal from VPD that “hey, we’re on your side.”  No New Normal activist Lydia Nielsen summed it up neatly – “I would just like to give a shout out to all of Vancouver Police Department and RCMP amazing officers who are monitoring my freedom activist personal page and groups that i have heard they are to ensure we are peacefully protesting and not terrorists like Trudeau lies about us. I know you know we are only freedom loving, joyful patriots. Thank you for your service and for always upholding my rights. Thank you VPD for not being like nazis like many other police forces around rest of Canada and the world. Thank you for your respect and care for our protection from hateful covidian cult members.”  No wonder one of the most frequent chants heard at antivaxx rallies in Vancouver is “we love VPD”.  It’s true.  They do.

They pose for selfies with them

They get on together just fine


Throughout the occupation of Ottawa, police across Canada actively signaled their support both for the convoy and for the antivaxx movement in general.

During the occupation, the city of Ottawa was spending $800,000 a day on policing.  Much of that involved police standing around not doing much of anything.

On January 30 an antivaxxer threatened to stab a store employee, but there was no police investigation.

Police continually downplayed any problems from the convoyistas

Ottawa police helped antivaxxers set up their tents (video removed from YouTube)

They facilitated convoy organizers in setting up a logistics at the Ottawa baseball stadium

When convoy organizers refused to allow them into their logistics camp, the police backed down

They continually allowed blockaders to bring gas, diesel and propane into the Red Zone despite the fire hazard

By the truckload

Even after the Emergencies Act was invoked, police continued to allow fuel into the camp

They let blockaders use their squad cars as props

And right to the bitter end hugged for the cameras

On his livestream, protesters made a point to note that TPS was better to them than the more intimidating officers with batons (RCMP I believe)— Drew (@nolifeneet) February 20, 2022

Ottawa Police seemed to be at times more concerned about potential counter-protesters than they did about the convoy

Some Ottawa cops went on camera to support the convoy “100%”

Even an Ottawa Police Board member was out organizing publicly in support of the occupation


Victoria police supported the antivaxxers

And the antivaxxers supported them right back

Chilliwack RCMP stood back while a crowd of unmasked antivaxxers invaded a minor football game.  It wasn’t a surprise, as they’d been tipped off in advance. They did nothing.

Kelowna RCMP refused to enforce health orders too. Repeatedly…

And shook Chris Sky’s hand after getting him to leave a restaurant he had barged into unmasked

White Rock RCMP’s initial response to a blockade at the U.S. border was to hug the blockaders. And to eat donuts with them

Nanaimo RCMP outdid them all. On November 1, 2021, Mounties led Chris Sky and a large group of antivaxxers into a Canadian Tire in Nanaimo, in violation of both provincial health orders and (apparently) Criminal Code prohibitions against trespassing.

Now, Chris Sky is no ordinary antivaxxer.  He’s one of the movement’s key national leaders. And a proven anti-Semitic, Islamophobic, homophobic Holocaust denier.

Sky is currently facing charges in six separate police jurisdictions across the country. One incident in Ontario resulted in charges including uttering death threats against politicians and assaulting police with a weapon.

The charges were considered serious enough that Sky’s firearms were seized and his firearms certificate was revoked.  Apparently that didn’t bother the Nanaimo RCMP particularly.

Edmonton Police have protected the Proud Boys in the past

Ever notice how Canadian media and government love to talk about Proud Boys in the US but make scant mention of their activities in Canada (outside of Gavin McInnes being from here)?

Maybe here’s a clue as to why.— Drew (@nolifeneet) March 22, 2021

So it wasn’t surprising that they denied a tiki torch march led by Christofascist Artur Pawlowski was the least little bit racially tinged, even after Charlottesville

Dear Chief McFee: perhaps the use of imagery from a white supremacist rally and the presence of ACTUAL KNOWN WHITE SUPREMACIST GROUPS might give your crack team of investigators a clue as to the intent of the torch march?— Bridget Stirling (@bridgetstirling) March 2, 2021

Nor that Edmonton police stood by and ignored antivaxxers who were violating a court injunction

Coutts RCMP thought the truckers blocking the border were “great”

(Video removed from Facebook)

And hugged them

Despite having had convoy supporters assault officers six days earlier

While threatening to charge counter-demonstrators under Jason Kenny’s Critical Infrastructure Defence Act (which they never used against the convoy)

Saskatoon Police refused to enforce the law against antivaxxers

Peel Regional Police sergeant Paul Brown, uniformed and on duty, posed for selfies.  There were no consequences

Toronto Police have “a good rapport” with the antivaxxers. Despite that, it’s not always reciprocated by the antivaxxers

But doesn’t stop the cops from being friendly with Chris Sky

Their courtesy doesn’t extend to people wearing masks, though

Fredericton Police also decline to enforce the law


Not all of the Ottawa occupation’s support from police was passive.  Many were actively recruiting for it, and donating to it. As of March 2, at least 26 OPP and Ottawa Police officers were under investigation for contributing to the convoy through GoFundMe and GiveSendGo

Edmonton Police

One uniformed officer posted a video to social media supporting the convoy. She and another Edmonton cop were suspended for supporting the convoy


One unidentified Mountie went on Facebook denouncing Justin Trudeau as a “sociopath” and calling on police to use their sick time – “blue flu” – to book of work and obstruct law enforcement against the convoy

(Video removed from Facebook)

Calgary Police

Several ex-Calgary Police were organizing for the convoy, including this guy

And this one

(Video removed from Tik Tok)

They were joined by several active duty Calgary officers, including this one

Saskatoon Police

This cop supported the convoy “to bring Canada back to normal”

Durham Police

Had a uniformed officer post a video of herself to social media supporting the convoy


There is so much support among police for the antivaxx movement that a group has been set up intended specifically to recruit among police and military personnel.  Police On Guard has become a regular fixture at antivaxx rallies.  One of its central leaders, Chris VandenBos, is an active duty officer in the York Regional Police.  VandenBos has a Youtube program, and has hosted neonazi Jeremy Mackenzie on it.

On it, VandenBos stated “”It’s like with Police On Guard I think what resonates most often with most [police] officers who are joining, whether it be retired officers, or active service, or military or whatever, is they’re seeing the same things you and I are talking about, and they’re trying to find an out, they’re trying to find a way to be an advocate for change, and I can tell you every one of us in our group, we’re not wanting it to turn to civil unrest and violence and all that, we’re trying to go about the best possible route, to reinstate everyone’s rights in the best way possible, and we’re trying to be leaders and to show with leadership that we are willing to take that stand first, but we’re asking that everyone stand behind us, get behind us, help us push forward and get this accountability in place.”

MacKenzie has been quoted saying “you can’t vote your way out of this…the only viable solutions are illegal and I’d be jailed publicly for saying them”. He was arrested on weapons charges in January

One of Police On Guard’s other leaders, Marcus Anthony Ray, is a former RCMP officer who now supports the sovereign citizen movement.  He told a Kelowna rally in November 2021 that “politicians are no longer human.”

Some months after Police On Guard was formed, another group, Mounties For Freedom, was set up specifically to recruit among RCMP members.  One of its leaders is Daniel Bulford, an ex-RCMP officer who served on Justin Trudeau’s personal protective detail.  Bulford was the Ottawa convoy’s director of security.  He was arrested at the end of the occupation.


RCMP vs. native peoples’ caravan to Ottawa (1974)

RCMP vs. antiglobalization activists at APEC (1997)

Surete du Quebec vs. antiglobalization activists (FTAA, 2001)

Toronto Police vs. G20 protesters (2010)

Surete du Quebec vs. Quebec students (2011-2012)

Toronto Police vs. the houseless (2021)

RCMP vs. old growth protectors (2021)

RCMP vs. Wet’suwet’en land defenders (2021)

(*) The Canadian antivaxx movement is not a fascist movement.  Yet.  At its base it is a broad heterogenous conspiracist movement that started off as an unlikely mishmash of camps, currents and conflicting interests and constituencies, ranging from Peoples’ Party of Canada activists to Christian fundamentalists to wellness advocates to yoga moms to small business people devastated by the lockdowns to outright Nazis.   However, over the intervening eighteen months the base of this movement has increasingly consolidated around a core set of beliefs.  The pandemic is planned.  It is a conscious campaign by George Soros / Bill Gates / Klaus Schwab / the UN / the World Economic Forum to carry out the Great Reset.  It is a conspiracy by capitalists to destroy capitalism and usher in a Communist new world order.  In its extreme form, this belief system holds that in order to carry this out, vaccines are being used to cull the human population.  In its most extreme form, the target of this plot is our children.

From its inception, this movement has harboured Nazis in its ranks.  The first Vancouver demonstration in April 2020 was organized by three individuals, one of whom, Brian Ruhe,  was a flagrant advocate of Adolf Hitler and made no attempt to hide it.  What was significant was not the presence of a lone fascist like Ruhe or an anti-Semite and Holocaust denier like Marco Pietro in their ranks, but the fact that they were accepted and even welcomed by the rest of their movement with no visible dissenting voices.  The movement was not fascist – it was, rather, a movement with a mind so open the wind blew through it.  Even now, it would be inaccurate to call the movement fascist.  But it is very much a precursor to fascism.

However, the leadership of the movement – particularly the leadership of the Ottawa convoy and occupation – is predominantly fascist.

Judging by their conduct, a whole lot of cops support them.

We should not be expecting police to save us from fascism.  We will need to do that ourselves.