Friday, June 21

“All things must come to an end. That includes the unlikely friendship between an Eastern Ontario farmer by the name of Chet Wiggins and a group of QAnon-adjacent anti-government conspiracy theorists who built a commune in his backyard…. The free-spirited community came to a sudden end a few weeks ago, when unpaid hydro bills led to a falling out between Wiggins and the “freedom people.” “They told us they would leave our property the way it was when they arrived last October 2023,” Chet Wiggins’ spouse, Danielle Goyette-Wiggins, wrote in a since-deleted Facebook post with photos showing a mess of garbage, rotting food and wrecked trailers strewn about her property…. “What a bunch of unforgivable humans that are fighting the government against being screwed but they screwed us more than anyone,” Goyette-Wiggins added. “Their mission was to live off of anybody’s backs.”

York Regional police officer describes his two years monitoring Diagolon chat groups on Telegram — “There was a lot of what I would define as White nationalists, White supremacy ideology existing within that space. There was also a lot of what I would define as militia-type discussions. There was a lot of talk of acquiring weaponry, body armour, ammunition, planning meet-ups, organizing community events, and then also articulating the purpose of these events beyond simply…. So, so members of the group were coordinating, fairly regularly at the time, in-person meet-ups, as they called it. They would meet in various locations, converse, but then on the Telegram channel, it was a lot of discussion around, “We should meet at properties and ranges where we can conduct shooting.” And then, some members would promote the idea that, “Well, rather than go and just should guns, we should train with some purpose.” They discussed combat training, which I interpreted as moving and shooting drills and more than just simply shooting with paper targets.” file:///C:/Users/oem/Downloads/Day_1_-_Redacted_by_CAHN_-_2024.4.8_-_SCHILL__GARY_-_EXCERPT_-_ID1007341_-_47PGS_-_NP_-_FINAL_-_PREPARED_BY_VIDEOPLUS.pdf

Read the rest of the transcripts at the bottom of Antihate’s article.

The Conservative Party of BC celebrates national Indigenous Peoples’ Day. And then they don’t…

Pseudojournalist Dan Dicks sez “Dan Dicks and Chris Elston aka Billboard Chris went to a rally on the International Day Of Trans Visibly [in March 2023] where Chris was violently attacked while the Vancouver Police Department stood by and did nothing while making the claim that Chris was the instigator because of the words on his sign. It’s been over a year and the Police Complaint Commissioner has finally ordered an investigation into the police response by members of the VPD regarding this assault on Chris.”

WTF? Dicks’ own video shows Elston was not violently attacked. He went to a transgender rally to provoke a response, film it and monetize it on Youtube, Twitter and Instagram. He elbowed a transgender person, then shoved her. She understandably shoved right back. Elston started it.  Dicks has had 15 months to review his footage, so let’s just call him a professional liar and leave it at that.

Saturday, June 22

Vancouver Police Board member Lorraine Lowe likes U.K. Nazi Tommy Robinson on Twitter (X).

Incel Nazi nutritionist influencer in his mid-30’s. Huge social media following. Lives at home with mommy.

If Poilievre is cool with chilling with folks who have Diagolon stickers on their campers, it’s hardly surprising he likes to hank out with chuds who spit on cabinet ministers, like this guy.

Project 2025 questions and answers —

QUESTION: Is your organization going to accept the results of the 2024 presidential election, regardless of the election results? ANSWER: Yes, if there isn’t massive fraud like there was in 2020.

QUESTION: There wasn’t massive fraud. Where was it? ANSWER: no answer

QUESTION: What is the plan for the deportation of undocumented immigrants in the interior, not at the border? ANSWER: We need to have the biggest mass deportation system in America.

QUESTION: Should a woman be able to get an abortion if her doctor says she needs one? ANSWER: Abortion is not healthcare. We will change the name of the Department of Health and Human Services to the Department of Life, because we are all in support of life.

Elections BC doesn’t seem to trust Amrit Birring’s mini-party / cult. “Globalists forces are keeping an eye on Freedom Party of British Columbia. When ever (sic) an MLA candidate files application with Elections BC, the application also needs signatures of an Auditor/Auditing Firm. When some of our candidates approached Auditing firms, they initially said Yes to signing. But mysteriously, within a day or two, they all say they can’t sign, on fictitious excuses. This is interference from big powers, who are ok with any of bcndp/bcunited/bcconservatives forming government, but don’t want even a few MLAs from Freedom Party in Victoria Legislature.”

Sunday, June 23

The brutal realities of Canada’s colonial history were a bit too violent for Canadian Heritage Moments, so they erased the execution of Louis Riel.

MAGA runs on threats. This from Arkansas.

And this from the government of Tennessee.

Why do the Conservatives oppose increasing the capital gains tax? The answer is Semple, when you realize where Pierre’s getting his money from. Breach Media expose HERE.

Narendra Modi’s government not only operates death squads abroad composed of hired gangsters (including here in B.C.), it’s now prosecuting world-famed writer Arundhati Ray under its anti-terrorism laws for comments about Kashmir she made in a public speech. Fourteen years ago.

Just in case you’ve forgotten that Jordan Peterson is a racist pig, here’s your reminder.

The convictions of Donald Trump and Hunter Biden have had no apparent impact on US politics to date, according to a June 20 Emerson College,ju poll. Looking at the decisive swing states, the poll notes “in Arizona, Trump’s support among independents dropped five points, from 48% to 43%. In Michigan, Trump’s support dropped three, from 44% to 41%, and in Pennsylvania, Trump dropped eight points, from 49% to 41%. Biden lost support among independents in Georgia, by six points, 42% to 36% and Nevada, by five, 37% to 32%.” Biden won Nevada, Georgia, Arizona, Michigan, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin in 2020. Currently Trump is leading in all of these states. If the election were held tomorrow, it would hand him an additional 89 electoral votes – and the presidency.

Monday, June 24

Is Rebel News just a bunch of harmless cranks going on about Muslims?

Or does their venom have real life consequences? “The man accused of a mass shooting in Fredericton, New Brunswick last month once named Ezra Levant’s Rebel Media as his most trusted source for news. Matthew Raymond stands charged with four counts of first-degree murder in connection to a mass shooting in Fredericton last month that claimed the lives of two local police officers.”

Abortion bans by far-right governments – Oklahoma today, Ottawa tomorrow?

Missed this one at the time – how local transphobe thugs use Libs of TikTok to target, doxx and threaten transgender folks, in this case a Pitt Meadows teacher….

…. in a harassment campaign organized by Joanne “Blonde Bigot” Evenson, whose children apparently bake Christmas cookies adorned with swastikas….

…. a campaign being boosted by Nazi-adjacent Rebel News…. who are also busily involved in organizing UK fascist Tommy Robinson’s current Canadian tour.

Know your history. It’s the 81st anniversary of the Battle of Bamber Bridge in England, June 24, 1943 — “Although white soldiers were unhappy when British barmaids told them they had to wait their turn to be served, rather than be served before Black soldiers. White [US Army] military police officers (MPs) then demanded one pub implement segregation, and the owner agreed.

When the MPs came back the next day, the pubs had all put up “Blacks Only” signs. On June 24, MPs tried to arrest a Black soldier called Eugene Nunn at Ye Olde Hob Inn, but an argument broke out between his colleagues and MPs. Local people as well as British auxiliary servicewomen joined the fracas in support of Nunn, and eventually succeeded in persuading the police to leave. But the MPs returned later with reinforcements, and in the ensuing scuffle, shot a Black private Lynn M Adams in the neck. The 1511th men then rushed to their base, armed themselves, grabbed a machine-gun truck and raided the MPs camp, and gunfire was exchanged until the early hours of June 25.

Euell Nielsen recounted for BlackPast that at the end of the battle: “Private William Crossland of the 1511th was killed, and five other soldiers were wounded along with two MPs. There were two trials resulting in 27 out of 32 black soldiers being found guilty of various charges. Most of the sentences were reduced or dismissed, however, because of the overwhelming support of the black troops by the British public.”

Tommy Robinson busted on outstanding immigration warrant! “Officers in Calgary handcuffed the right-wing activist, 41, on suspicion of an immigration offence and led him into the back of a police van. Robinson, whose real name is Stephen Yaxley Lennon, said he was released later on Monday but had to hand in his passport to Canadian authorities.”

Tuesday, June 25

Tommy Robinson in Canada on a tourist visa, appears to have been arrested for actually being here on a paid speaking tour. Ezra Levant, Billboard Chris, Jordan Peterson and Tamara Lich are all white-hot indignant. Question – are they all changing their position on migrant workers stealing Canadian jobs?

More on Tommy —

RIP Infowars — “Conspiracy theorist Alex Jones’ Infowars media empire will be shut down and sold off, a bankruptcy court-appointed trustee said in an emergency court filing Sunday, signalling the end of the notorious far-right outlet that Jones has used to spread dangerous misinformation and lies.”

First the good news. The PPC only got 0.6% of the vote in Toronto-St. Paul’s yesterday.

But the Conservative candidate – a lobbyist for Loblaws, no less — won an historically Liberal riding with 42.1%. Widely seen as a test of strength for Justin Trudeau and a harbinger of whether he will step down as Liberal leader before the 2025 election.

Diagolon calling for a “full-blown race war.” Deport all the Muslims.

And deport all the Jews.

Meet Leonard Leo.

CBC asked a gynecologist to debate an anti-choice zealot. She told the CBC to fuck right off.

Wednesday, June 26

The Tommy Robinson bust just keeps getting more fascinating. This from Canadian white supremacist Bethan Nodwell — “Nodwell claims that Lennon (aka Tommy Robinson) arranged for a group to go for a curry at a restaurant owned by the cousin of someone he knows in the UK, where things reportedly got out of hand soon after their arrival. “That’s when somebody broke out the cocaine,” she said on a live stream, “then out came the vodka cokes and the next thing you know a dragon had been unleashed in this man [Lennon]  […] He went missing from the hotel, people were panicking.”

Nodwell then claims to have contacted the restaurant owner and purveyor of drugs who provided them “with the number of a massage parlour,” where Lennon was supposedly hiding out.   However, most explosively, Nodwell claims that Lennon’s arrest was somehow part of a plan to raise money in light of embarrassingly poor ticket sales for his tour. “While we were coming back into the hotel, he’s [Tommy] like ‘Right, [the] tour’s over, we’ve sold no tickets’, I think they had sold like 60 tickets.” This is well short of the sales required to make the $80,000 Nodwell claims they aimed to make from the tour. She then explains how they planned to make up the shortfall. “I’m going to Calgary, I’m going to get nicked and then the tour is over,” said Lennon, according to Nodwell. “And then when I saw that arrest last night […] I was like “that’s what he meant!”. Oh and then the ‘Save Tommy’ thing was out. They had a domain name, they had it ready to go. […] I’m like “that’s how you make your $80,000 folks”, right there.”

In other news from Alberta, “A man accused of conspiring to kill Mounties at the Coutts border blockade says he was fighting a larger battle against tyranny and potential foes like Chinese communists. The comments made by Anthony Olienick were heard in court in a videotaped interrogation of Olienick by police. In the video, Olienick says he was on guard against police moving against the blockade, but says he figured United Nations troops or Chinese communist forces would attack before the Mounties did….

 Undercover officers have testified Olienick told them police were the pawns of the federal government and should be hanged, and that if they raided the blockade he would “slit their throats.”

How Libs of TikTok incites bomb threats.

How Conservatives intend to ban freedom of choice in Canada, in their own words. (Hint – they’ll override the Charter to do it.) —

Petroturfing – when the Canadian oil and gas industry wanted to organize support for pipelines and the tar sands, they turned to Ezra Levant, naturally.

Thursday, June 27

Curtis Stone, the Kelowna-based “Urban Farmer”, is a full-blown racist — “I was in Toronto this weekend. There are no white people in that city anymore. It’s shocking. This country is changing so fast that it’s not even recognizable. While people are arguing about the carbon tax and woke BS, this country is being completely overrun.”

Here’s Curtis self-identifying as a sov citizen, “truther” and prepper.

Project 2025 priority #1 – purge the civil service. They’re making a list, and checking it twice. “At the heart of Project 2025 is a controversial plan to reclassify tens of thousands of federal workers as political appointees through reviving Trump’s Schedule F executive order, which would enable the next conservative administration.”

Project 2025 priority #2 – deport 10-15 million. Criminalize anyone hiring them or renting them accommodations. “Here’s something that people have to understand, that it’s not just through rounding up and law enforcement and military or ICE or something like this, that the deportations will be achieved. It’s very simple. What you’re going to do is we’re going to make it a crime. We’re gonna make it a crime to, uh, hire any of these people to, if you’re, if you’re renting to them, if you’re providing housing… Make it a crime to give them housing, make it a crime to give them access to basic, non-emergency medical care.”

Project 2025 priority #3 – turn the US military into the armed wing of MAGA.

Project 2025 priority #4 – ban contraception, ban abortion, women are breeders. “conservatives have to lead the way in restoring sex to its true purpose, & ending recreational sex & senseless use of birth control pills.”

Here’s the moment Biden lost the debate. Gibberish.

Let’s never forget that in the archaic and utterly undemocratic US Electoral College system, it absolutely does not matter who wins the popular vote. John Adams, William Henry Harrison, Rutherford B. Hayes, George W. Bush and Donald Trump all came in second and became president regardless.

The Democrat’s nominating an octogenarian who supports, comforts and arms the Gaza genocide will lose Michigan’s 16 electoral votes to Trump.

But if they keep Biden as their candidate, the Democratic National Committee guarantees MAGA will win. In 2020 Biden won by 306 electoral votes to Trump’s 232. This was because Biden swept the swing states of Nevada, Georgia, Arizona, Michigan, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin and their 89 electoral votes. Without them he would have lost 217-321.

Last November Trump led Biden in five of the six swing states. Now he’s added Wisconsin to the list.

The possibility the DNC will act on his collapse at the debate and find another presidential candidate – Kamala Harris, Gavin Newsome, Pete Buttegieg, Gretchen Whitmer – is almost nil.

A nightmare is coming. We need to prepare for that reality, because it would be utterly silly to believe it won’t happen here as well.

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