Friday, June 28

Immigration relents, lets UK fascist on a tourist visa continue his paid speaking tour of Canada. Rebel News gloated: “Tommy Robinson has been released by the Trudeau government, and has been given permission to fly to Toronto, where he will give a speech on Sunday night.”

“Trump is a moderate in the MAGA movement which is moving farther right.” — Steve Bannon. If you weren’t already worried about 2025…

Here’s a conspiracy-addled guy who’s not a doctor, calling himself a doctor, and prescribing medications, which can only be done by a doctor. Illegal as hell, but not in Alberta, apparently.

Meet our local Heritage Foundation agent — ““Billboard Chris” Elston, the organizer of the rally targeting Ottawa-area schools, appeared at a Moms for Liberty conference in Philadelphia [in July, 2023], where he denounced “gender ideology” as the “greatest child abuse scandal” in history…. Elston revealed in a breakout session that he had been identified and recruited by a right-wing American think tank called the Heritage Foundation to join an initiative to “fight gender ideology.”

Saturday, June 29

Q. Who said this about Adolph Hitler? —

“When there were bits of humour in what I had said, he would give a look of recognition and smile pleasantly. He has a very nice, sweet and, one could see, how particularly humble folk would come to have a profound love for the man. He never once became the least bit restless during the talk of an hour and a quarter which we had together. He sat quietly in an arm chair, with his hands together in front of him, and only when he went to hand me the portrait of himself did he seem to separate them for any length of time. …. As I talked to him, I could not but think of Joan of Arc. He is distinctly a mystic…. the German people, many of them, begin to feel that he was on a mission from God, and some of them would seek to reverence him almost as a God. He said Hitler himself tries to avoid that kind of thing. He dislikes any of them thinking of him as anything but a humble citizen who is trying to serve his country well.”

1. Benito Mussolini

2. Oswald Mosley

3. Hideki Tojo

4. Heinrich Himmler

Keep informed about MAGA plans for a totalitarian United States. Weekly updates on Project 2025 available here from the Global Project on Hate and Extremism.

A Newsweek writer is going after Taylor Swift as a bad role model for boys because she’s “34, childless and unmarried.”

The writer – an Epoch Times regular — also thinks that masculinity is being demonized, incels are misunderstood, crime-ridden cities are a problem for Democrats, male privilege is a myth, and the best role model for boys is the guy who runs the UFC. Also, build the wall.  Worth noting that Newsweek has never run an article pointing out that Travis Kelce is also 34, unmarried and childless.

A. William Lyon MacKenzie King, Diary, June 29, 1937

Sunday, June 30

“Johnny McEntee, Trump’s Director of the Office of Personnel Management and a senior advisor to Project 2025 brags that he likes to hand out fake money to homeless people so they will get arrested when they use it.”

Jordan Peterson goes a step too far, hosts Nazi. Being a homophobic pig wasn’t enough for him, apparently. From Tommy Robinson’s X account: “My Canada tour concludes in Toronto. Where I have the great honour of being hosted by @jordanbpeterson and @Tammy1Peterson.

Cliff-hanging final results from the first-round vote in the French elections. The far right Rassemblement National came first, immediately followed by the left coalition Nouveau Front Populaire, with Emmanuel Macron’s party trailing a distant third.

RN Rassemblement National 9 377 297 (29,25%)

UG Union de la gauche 8 974 566 (27,99%)

ENS Ensemble ! 6 425 217 (20,04%)

LR Les Républicains 2 104 918 (6,57%)

Here’s an extremely informative backgrounder on the situation in France heading into next week’s second round of elections which will determine who has governmental power – the fascists, or the left.

The Nouveau Front Populaire in the streets —

History repeating? Thomas Piketty arguing the New Popular Front is the only hope to ward off a far-right government in France – and that there is nothing radical in its programme — “Some now seek to scare leftwing and centre-left voters by claiming that the NFP’s programme for government would be dangerous for the French economy. They are wrong. We are not claiming that this manifesto is perfect – how could it be given that Macron only allowed three weeks to organise for elections? But in historical context, it should be considered a pragmatic, social democratic set of proposals aimed at reducing inequalities and preparing for the future. There is nothing radical in this agenda.”


Monday, July 1 (A day that will live in infamy.)

The relationship between the President and the people he serves has shifted irrevocably. In every use of official power, the President is now a king above the law. Orders the Navy’s Seal Team 6 to assassinate a political rival? Immune. Organizes a military coup to hold onto power? Immune. Takes a bribe in exchange for a pardon? Immune. Immune, immune, immune.”  Dissent, Sonia Sotomayor, Trump v. United States.

Today’s Supreme Court decision on Donald Trump’s immunity claim is far worse than anything I imagined… Effectively giving a president immunity for any crimes committed while in office as long as that president can plausibly claim the action was taken in some form of official capacity. It must now be presumed that the president, as king, is immune from accountability. The rule of law applies to everyone except the most powerful person on Earth. It would be difficult to overstate how much this opinion shifts the balance of power away from Congress and towards the presidency, and how unshackled a corrupt president will now be. The Court gives the president absolute power, and it will corrupt him, absolutely. As Justice Sotomayor says so powerfully, this new immunity ‘now lies about like a loaded weapon’ for any President that wishes to place his own interests, his own political survival, or his own financial gain, above the interests of the Nation.’ The Court holds that when a president acts within his ‘core’ authority, he is fully immune. And when he acts outside his core authority, but in an official capacity, the presumption of immunity is so strong as to be nearly absolute. Even if he acts in a purely personal capacity, and the Court majority gives no indication of when that would be, his statements while acting officially may not be used as evidence, and his motives may not be questioned. Having taken up a case they never should have, having waited until the last day to issue the opinion, having known it was the defendant’s strategy to deny justice by delaying it, the Court now remands the case for further proceedings of indeterminate length, ensuring there will be no accountability for Trump’s insurrectionist crimes before the election. During his abortive coup attempt, Trump told his acting attorney general and other top Justice Department officials to ‘just say that the election was corrupt and leave the rest to me and the Republican congressmen.’ Now the Supreme Court says he is immune from ordering his Justice Department to lie, and the evidence of his malice, his very words, may not be used as evidence against him. Under this ruling, a president can order the assassination or jailing of their political rival, and be immune. They can take a bribe in exchange for an official act, and still be immune. They can organize a military coup to hold onto power, and still be immune. If that sounds mad, that’s because it is. This is a day that will live in legal infamy. When justices on the Court that bears Roberts’ name, paid back their appointment by a corrupt president with an opinion that provides immunity to all corrupt presidents, and weakened our democracy and the rule of law for the ages. Our only remedy is the ballot box, a new congress, and a new Court — that has more reverence for the Constitution than the lust for power.” Adam Schiff, D-California

Republicans have abandoned any pretense that the US Supreme Court is a neutral, dispassionate arbiter of the law. The court’s Republican majority – Roberts, Alito, Gorsuch, Kavanagh, Coney Barrett and Thomas – have proven that they are, above all, MAGA power brokers united in ushering in a Trump dictatorship, personally corrupt, into the bargain. And lawless. To arrive at today’s decision, they unilaterally rewrote the US Constitution.

And committed perjury.

John Roberts —

Samuel Alito —

Neil Gorsuch —

Brett Kanavagh —

Amy Coney Barrett —

AOC intends to bring articles of impeachment against the Supreme Court. Purely symbolic. Ineffectual. Only words. Not a chance of being adopted. The real fight will be in the streets.

This surge to install a Trump dictatorship will not be stopped at the ballot box. Even if Joe Biden – a failing octogenarian, a candidate in obvious cognitive decline, the butcher-by-proxy of Gaza – wins in November (an increasingly unlikely possibility given the polls even before last Thursday’s stunning debate collapse), the Republicans will simply stage an armed insurrection. You either acknowledge that reality and prepare for it, or you accept defeat.

Steve Bannon going to prison is only a rather dismal consolation prize….

Vancouver park rangers celebrate Canada Day by seizing the tent and belongings of an indigenous woman while she’s in hospital, just having given birth.

Tuesday, July 2

“French stocks and the euro rallied Monday after results from the first round of elections suggested the far right will inflict a heavy defeat on President Emmanuel Macron but fall short of winning an outright majority in parliament….. The euro, which tumbled after Macron’s surprise election announcement, briefly touched the strongest level against the dollar in more than two weeks Monday…. Take France. The risk of a financial crisis there became a serious concern virtually overnight after President Emmanuel Macron called a snap election last month. Investors were worried voters would elect a parliament of populists bent on spending more and cutting taxes, further swelling the country’s already-high debt and budget deficit. Even though this worst-case scenario now looks less likely, what happens after next Sunday’s second round of voting is far from certain.” Capital liked Hitler. Capital likes Le Pen.

What the heck is “turbo cancer”? Definitely not in the oncology diagnostic manual.

Manufacturing panic. The far right is obsessed with the fear of child trafficking. “Did you know 34,437 children were reported missing in Canada in 2023?” According to a far-right Facebook page.

Look closer though, and it’s rapidly obvious that that fear is a paranoia with virtually zero basis in reality. Almost nil. Yes, there were tens of thousands of children reported missing in Canada in 2023, but the overwhelming majority were runaways, mostly 14-19. Over 90% of the cases were resolved within a week. Child trafficking victims accounted for only a miniscule part of the total (0.22%), abduction by strangers 0.07%.

The child trafficking trope pushed by so many in the Freedom Movement is identical to all the other conspiracy theories peddled by that current. There’s always a tiny, tiny grain of truth, but it’s always embedded in a morass of exaggeration, hyperbole and outright lies. That’s how they invented “turbo cancer.” Not an actual medical “thing” in case you are wondering.

A handful of fascists (around half a dozen according to observers) hold a “cost of living” protest on Canada Day, and City News boosts the hell out of it. Guess that’s why they didn’t include any “crowd” shots. Hundreds at Indigenous and pro-Palestine events but guess they were too short-staffed to cover those.

Wednesday, July 3

The Heritage Foundation used to be probably the single most influential neoconservative think tank during the Reagan era. Under MAGA, its politics are much closer to those of the Heritage Front. Kevin Roberts, president of the Heritage Foundation and director of Project 2025 – “We are in the process of the second American Revolution, which will remain bloodless, if the left allows it to be.”This is what it wants to implement. An admixture of Gilead and the Third Reich.

So when Trump calls for opponents to be put on trial before a military tribunal, it’s deadly serious.

Deadly serious.

The guy Rebel News hired to drive its hate truck around Toronto is wearing a Jewish Defense League patch.

“The JDL…. has orchestrated countless terrorist attacks in the U.S. and abroad, and has engaged in intense harassment of foreign diplomats, Muslims, Jewish scholars and community leaders, and officials…. The FBI deemed the league a right-wing terrorist group in their report “Terrorism 2000/2001.”

It’s been involved in firebombings,. assaults, bomb plots, stabbings and murders.

Thursday, July 4

Ptoject 2025 threatens bloody civil war, but it doesn’t have a paramilitary wing. Gee, wonder where it’s going to get its shock troops from. Here?

Or here?

Nazis weaponize Twitter, laughing at Musk, and Elon lets them. (Link to X account deleted due to objectionableracist content involving Pepe the Frog and the “N” word. You’ll have to take our word for it.)

“Anthony Olienick made death arrangements before heading to the COVID-19 protest blockade at Coutts, Alta., preparing for a noble, bloody, apocalyptic last stand against a satanic system of government, court heard Wednesday. “If I die, feed my cat and take my guns,” Olienick told a friend in a text message relayed to the jury at his trial in Court of King’s Bench in Lethbridge.”

“The criminal trial of “Freedom Convoy” organizer Pat King was adjourned this morning without proceeding to the defence case.” Why does it take two and a half years to bring charges in a case like this (and the one above, and Tamara Lich, and Chris Barber)? Some of these fascists are going to walk free because of these delays. Frankly, reprehensible as they are, they have the right to a reasonably speedy trial too.

Why is the New York Times publishing op-eds urging its readers not to vote?

And why is it concealing the MAGA politics of the people writing those op-eds?

RIP, Rishi Sunak.

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A note to readers – This week’s edition contains an unusually large number of items covering events in the United States. This is simply because what has happened down there, and what may happen over the next year, will have an enormous impact on events in Canada. We cannot understand and combat the rise of the right unless our perspective is an international one, and our strategy derived from that is an internationalist one. No one is free unless everyone is free!