Brian Dominick is one of the Parents Voice BC candidates running for school trustee in Maple Ridge – Pitt Meadows.  

His parent organization has advised its 28 candidates across B.C. to make sure there is nothing embarrassing on their social media accounts.  And Dominick complied. westcoastfreeedom used to be Dominick’s Instagram account until he deleted it on September 1st. Two days later he shut down his Facebook page ( as well.

Despite this attempt to conceal his beliefs, he’s left his fingerprints all over the web and elsewhere.  Using at least four different names – Brian Dominick, Brian Paul, Paul Allen and Bob Dobalina — he has been a key antivaxx activist from early on in the pandemic.  Within a year of joining the movement he became the communications coordinator for one of the largest local groups, Freedom Rally World.

Now that he’s running for school trustee he’d rather you not know about it.

“They Are The Ones That Need To Be Exterminated”

On May 15, 2021 Dominick spoke at a Freedom Rally World event at the Vancouver Art Gallery.  In his speech he told the crowd that Covid was part of a globalist plot, and declared “this is not a Canadian problem, folks.  This is a global elitist parasite problem, and they are the ones that need to be exterminated.”

Vancouver anti-lockdown speaker Brian Paul today says that they are facing a “global elitist parasite” problem and that “they are the ones that need to be exterminated,” to which the audience cheered

After him Marco Pietro, who has made videos denying the Holocaust, got to speak— Drew (@nolifeneet) May 16, 2021

This may give some insight into why Parents Voice is cautioning its candidates to make sure their social media “will not embarrass you or the team”.  If posts like the ones below became common knowledge, Dominick’s chances of winning would diminish considerably.

Here’s a representative sampling of his now-deleted posts:

For Dominick, the fight against Covid restrictions is a battle against Satan

He believes Covid vaccines will give you AIDS.

The United Nations is trying to bring in the New World Order.  

Dominick believes the UN is implementing this takeover is by using the LGBTQ+ movement to impose the transgender agenda in our school system.

He thinks eventually it will be necessary to act against Goliath.

But with God on his side, he’s confident of victory.

Dominick was interviewed as Paul Allen in Lani Gelera’s 2021 book “The Brave: Courage During Covid”. In it, he had the following to say:.

“… as months went by and things got worse with no end to the lockdowns, I got more involved.  I connected with many amazing groups such as Hugs Over Masks, No New Normal and countless other amazing individuals who have put their hearts and souls into stopping this tyranny.”

“On December 5th [2020] my son and I were scheduled to speak at a mega rally and this one ignited the media’s attention as organizers confirmed Canucks anthem singer Mark Donnelly would perform Canada’s song as he, too, was questioning the logic behind these lockdowns.”

“We are a year past “two weeks to flatten the curve” graduating into triple masks and anal swabs all for a flu virus with a 99% recovery rate.  Is this sinking in yet”

“We all need to be brave, be strong, and have the courage to stand up and say no more to unlawful lockdowns, government tyranny, and this bought and paid for fake news media narrative.  We need to stop complying and being complicit in these crimes against humanity.”

This is what Brian Dominick believes.  This is what he is hiding from the parents of Maple Ridge and Pitt Meadows.  They’ll need to know.

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